Primary Education

6 to 12 years old

At Colegio Arenas, Primary Education is taught to students between the ages of 6 and 12. This stage of their education focuses on an active style of methodology which encourages students’ sense of autonomy through group work and the development of emotional and social skills. We aim to foster initiative, creativity, critical thought and decision making skills, all within a bilingual environment.

Programa de la escuela primaria PEP

El Colegio Arenas está autorizado para impartir el Programa de la Escuela Primaria (PEP) de la organización Bachillerato Internacional (IB). Está dirigido a alumnos de 3 a 12 años y se centra en el desarrollo integral del alumno. Utiliza como métodos de aprendizaje la indagación y el descubrimiento en el aula y en el mundo que le rodea. De esta forma, el alumno se convierte en el centro de su propio aprendizaje y el profesor asume la función de guía.

La estructura del Programa está formada por seis temas transdisciplinarios de carácter global en los que se trabajan conceptos, conocimientos, habilidades y actitudes a partir de seis áreas disciplinarias fundamentales.

En todos los niveles de Primaria (1º a 6º) se trabajan los seis temas transdisciplinarios del PEP.

Quiénes somos
Dónde nos encontramos en el tiempo y el espacio
Cómo nos expresamos
Cómo funciona el mundo
Cómo nos organizamos
Cómo compartimos el planeta


Bilingual Education English-Spanish

From a young age, our students do not learn English but instead learn “in English”. Subjects are taught in English to create an authentic linguistic immersion for our students and allows them to develop the necessary skills to follow the lessons, complete the activities and communicate with their teachers and classmates in English.

The development of basic skills in this language, such as listening, speaking, understanding, reading and writing, are achieved through an active teaching style based on the “natural approach” method, in which student-teacher interaction is immediate and constant. The activities are designed to be relevant to students’ lives (taking into account their age, interests and level of comprehension), fun, stimulating and motivating.  

As part of the curriculum for Primary Education, students also begin to learn French, German and Chinese.

Social and Emotional Learning Programme (SEL)

Emotional Education plays a vital role in our school, helping students to understand and manage their emotions effectively and to feel and show empathy towards others.


According to a concept which takes into account a variety of sources, the SEL Programme is based on aspects such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Neuroscience, Neuroeducation, Cognitive-Behavioural, Social, Humanistic and Psychodynamic Psychology, Educational Coaching, Constructivism and basic ethical and moral values.

Through a combination of practical and theoretical instruction, Learning to BE BY DOING provides all the necessary tools to the entire educational community. As such, students, families and teaching staff are all involved in the implementation of this programme which aims to guide each person to be in control of their own life and to work towards a greater well-being.

First bilingual school on the island

We offer guided tours of the facilities throughout the year