Secondary Education

De 12 a 16 años

At this stage of their education, we offer our students a rich programme of study and activities, the chance to investigate and acquire personal experiences that help them to develop and foster autonomous behaviour, healthy habits, values, ideals and a philosophy of life that will shape their identity. These skills and values help them to meet the demands made by society on our younger generations, such as: responsibility, effort, the ability to overcome obstacles, creativity, commitment to the planet and to other people.

myp programme MYP

The MYP focuses on challenging our students intellectually and encourages them to establish connections between the various traditional areas of study and the real world. It fosters the development of essential skills and values for the 21st Century, such as: communication skills, intercultural understanding and environmental and social responsibility.


The MYP equips learners with tools for lifelong learning and encourages responsible attitudes that help students to find ways to use what they learn with integrity. The MYP focuses on independent learning which makes it an ideal form of preparation for the IB Diploma Programme.

Parents that desire the highest quality education for their children choose the MYP because it includes:

Rigorous learning objectives
A student-centred approach to teaching
An international outlook
Holistic student development
Continuous teaching and learning in more than one language
An Emphasis on learning how to learn
Flexible thinking
Critical evaluation of information
Application of knowledge in unknown and complex situations

At the end of the Programme (Secondary Year 4), students put skills and abilities they have acquired into practice to create a Personal Project. During the Programme students carry out service as action activities that help to enhance students’ awareness of the world in which they live.



Throughout Compulsory Secondary Education (CSE), English classes are organised by achievement level: Students in the first year of CSE who have already passed the Cambridge PET exam and are preparing for the FCE level exam form one group and those who have already achieved FCE level and are preparing for the Advanced exam make up the other group…. The same system is used throughout the four CSE year groups.

Aside from studying English as a foreign language, students also receive Geography and Art classes in English and English is used as a working language to teach both German and Chinese. During the school week, students also receive two classes dedicated to preparing them for the University of Cambridge external English examinations.

In CSE, as in Primary Education, our students are offered the opportunity to stay at Sulis Manor Residential Centre in the UK where they can spend periods from between three weeks to an academic year immersed in the English language. Sulis Manor also offers three week summer courses in English for students under 17 years old.

Each year, hundreds of students from the Arenas International Schools Group (AIS) achieve internationally recognised certificates in English from the University of Cambridge (Preliminary, First, Advanced, Proficiency). Moreover, in the fourth year of CSE, students sit the international ISA exams.

Arenas Schools offer the full range of subjects established by the Spanish education system and also provide a wide variety of educational activities in English, relating to English language and literature, humanities, science, technology, music and art.

These activities are offered to students from a young age and are led by qualified specialists. They provide a great source of enrichment for our students’ education and serve to enhance the quality of our educational programme.

  • Over 70 years experience of providing Bilingual Education from Nursery to graduation.  
  • Other foreign languages: German, French and Chinese from 2nd and 3rd year of Primary Education.
  • Qualified, native and bilingual teachers.
  • Individual advanced methodology that focuses on continual improvement and uses the English language intrinsically throughout the curriculum.  
  • Own residential centre in England used for language courses and visits.

First bilingual school on the island

We offer guided tours of the facilities throughout the year