The collection of donations that begins with the annual solidarity race, was interrupted last year by the confinement that we suffered since March 12. Classes now resumed, we have proceeded to count the proceeds from Arenas School and Arenas Atlántico School, until March 12: € 5,375.87, an amount from which we have had to deduct the payment of the medicalized ambulance and the evacuation plan (€ 463.87).

21 Oct 2020

The beneficiaries are UNICEF (organization of which we are “Escuela Amiga”), to which € 1,612 has already been entered; Red Cross, San Juan de Dios and Cáritas, who will receive € 1,100 each.
Our institution, which celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2020, appreciates, on behalf of these entities, the generous contribution of all those who contributed in the last campaign.

Sponsored by our youth futsal team of Arenas School, and from the motto "Every step is an opportunity", on January 31, coinciding in our Schools with the celebration of the School Day for Peace and Non-Violence, we celebrated in the Parque Juan Pablo II the annual Solidarity Race, in which students from Infant 5 years old to 2nd year of Baccalaureate participated. This race, organized by the students of the 1st year of Baccalaureate of the IB Diploma Program, has the objective of raising funds for solidarity causes, always keeping in mind the most vulnerable to calamities, and trying to positively influence our students so that they pledge to do your bit to achieve, with everyone's contribution, a more peaceful and just world.