School closure

Through the media and social networks, for the containment of COVID-19, the Government of the Canary Islands has instructed to cancel all teaching activity at all educational levels in all the centers of the Canary Islands since tomorrow, Friday, 13 March, and for 14 days. All extracurricular activities have also been cancelled.

12 Mar 2020

According to the presidential statement, “This is a preventive and exceptional measure in order to protect the population at risk". Above all, the elderly and the chronically ill, because minors can act as transmitters of the virus. Therefore, it is requested that, as far as possible, [minors] limit their outside activity to what is essential and, especially, avoid contact with the elderly and sick.

The Government of the Canary Islands has indicated that, depending on the scenario that arises regarding the evolution of the COVID-10 virus, new measures may be adopted in the coming days. ”

For more information, we provide the following link

The school will enable means for students to maintain their learning activity, through the centre's online platforms and email. Families of Early Childhood Education and the first cycles of Primary Education will receive recommendations and resources to carry out activities with children.

 If students need to collect belongings from school , they should get in touch over the phone to arrange collection.