Leire García, a 2nd year A-level student of Colegio Arenas Atlántico has been awarded for her academic and athletic merits, a scholarship to study a double degree in Biomedical Sciences and Biology at the Western Michigan University in the USA.

19 Feb 2021

enlightenedOur brilliant student has yet again achieved another accolade for her academic record. She was accredited by Cambridge Assessment English at the highest recognized level, Proficiency (C2). She has a B1 in German and knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

After having participated in a language exchange trip with a school in Massachusettes and being part of team that represented Spain in the most prestigious English Olympiad in the World, "The British English Olympics", held in London annually, awakened her desire to study in the USA.  

enlightenedThis academic development, together with her passion for swimming, has made her worthy recipient of this  "Scholarship of Excellence".  

For Leire, this scholarship is an opportunity to live her dream, and it is the effort and perseverance reflected in her academic results that has allowed her to obtain it.

"The school has helped me to achieve the level of English needed to become immersed into university life.  With the continued support of my teachers and classmates, who have encouraged me at all times, I have been able to achieve this scholarship". 

For its part, the Arenas Institution and those who form part of the educational community are proud to have Leire among its students; they wish her the best and hope that this new adventure will be a continuation of her personal and professional success. 

Congratulations, Leire! yes