Popular race El Corte Inglés

The students of Arenas School and Arenas Atlántico School flooded the streets of the capital of Gran Canaria through which the XXXIV popular race “El Corte Inglés” passed.

29 Oct 2019

The participation of 75 students from 1st of Primary to 3rd of ESO and 1st of Baccalaureate, again dyed red (corporate color of their luggage) this sporting event, to which the Educational Center based in Siete Palmas has again joined and in Arucas, as part of its commitment to sports for the training of its students.

From 10.00 in the morning until 11.35, time of the last departure, this Sunday, October 27, the young runners participated in the different stages organized according to the age of the competitors. Thus, the 1st and 2nd Primary athletes have traveled 300 meters; those of 3rd and 4th Primary, 600 meters; 1 kilometer those of 5th and 6th; and 1500 meters the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of ESO. Also, the Baccalaureate student who has joined this edition traveled 3 kilometers.

The participation of our students has been very good in the different categories and the very instructive experience. !! Congratulations!!