In the VII Meeting of Educational Marine Robotics

A group of students of the Arenas Atlantic School together with their teacher Ileana Valdés attended on May 22 at the municipal pool of San Fernando de Maspalomas to participate in the VII Meeting of Marine Educational Robotics (EDUROVs 2018/2019).

24 May 2019

The Atlantic Arenas School, which teaches Robotics within its curriculum, has joined this project which is an excellent opportunity to contribute to transmitting to the general public and to the youngest in particular the extensive and exciting field of professional development that, through innovative technologies applied to knowledge and sustainable use of the ocean, can be found and developed in Spain.

Thus, the challenge was to design and build a programmable ROVs underwater robot operated remotely, from low cost tools, with free hardware and software. The Atlantic Arenas School, within its line of introducing its students in the study of programming and robotics, has worked during the school year with students of 3rd ESO to build their own robot, able to dive and navigate propelled by two motion motors controlled by two joysticks and by an Arduino board, which they presented at this annual meeting, attended by 46 public and private schools of Gran Canaria.

The students who moved to the VII Encounter of Educational Marine Robotics due to capacity were Lucía Morán, Gonzalo Roque, Jorge Cánovas and Álvaro Estévez, although they participated and executed this project in the classroom also Álex Sosa, Jaime Ceballos, Airam Falcón, Tenesor Sánchez, Pablo Santana, Carlos Abayode and Daniel Batista. To all congratulations!

The next challenge will be to control the robot via Bluetooth. Good luck!