In these times of confusion and confusion in the face of the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves, we must take time to celebrate the small joys of life. For all these reasons, this week at Colegio Arenas Atlántico, teachers and students have celebrated one of the most anticipated festivals in our archipelago: Canary Day!

29 May 2020

enlightenedWe have commemorated this date through different online activities: meme contests, which brought laughter and joy; fun Pasapalabra questionnaires based on the Canary lexicon, which served to highlight the importance of our dialect and how it has been transformed over time; a trivial entertaining about Canarian culture or customs; presentations and videos on the great relevance of the Canarian archipelago's cultural and natural heritage (geography, flora, fauna, music, art ...), and a long etcetera.

At 5:30 p.m., all families from Colegio Arenas and Arenas Atlántico were summoned to the “Grand Canary Day Family Contest”, in which the family that won the most questions about our archipelago would win, in a test of thirty questions among which four paid tribute to Colegio Arenas on its 80th anniversary.

enlightenedIn this way, we have tried to transform, at least for one day, the reality in which we live, celebrating this Canary Islands day in a very fun and original way.