Applause for teachers and families

School and families praise the magnificent work that these days is being carried out by 100% of the teaching staff of the Center, who work without sparing resources or time in favor of the education of our students.

30 Apr 2020

A job that is nothing more than an extension of the professionalism that our teachers demonstrate throughout the course and that in these extraordinary circumstances has been accentuated to continue offering, online, an education from Infant to High School.

Thus, through the use of digital platforms and resources, teachers are at the service of their students every day, to which they address each day in groups and individually, guiding them in their daily tasks. In this way our families recognize it. Specifically, T.H.A tells us that “Given the exceptional situation of Alarma, the work of parents, students, teachers and management of the training centers is noteworthy, in order to maintain the best continuity of training for the youngest. It is logical that, due to the exceptional nature of the situation, doubts arise, which force us to collaborate with students and teachers. "

From my point of view, the commitment made by Colegio Arenas to establish a digital platform, as a basis for communication between students, teachers and parents, which has been refined with the experience of its use in recent years, means a great success. That experience has its fruits in these moments, where the difficulty of the circumstances forces tele-training. The platform provided by the Arenas School is quite complete and functional, providing the students with all the necessary documentation, as well as continuous monitoring by the teachers, parents and management of the center. It is noteworthy that not all students at the national level have these facilities, and that experience is one that today has great value, and will have a large impact on the training of our children.

The best way to help at this time, be patient, collaborate with students and teachers, and provide information and opinions through the platform itself, so that it is feedback from users, and as a consequence, a better operation and therefore a useful tool for everyone. The best way to help in this situation is to support, with good will, the formation of our children. ”

Monserrat Guedes: “Thank you very much to all the teachers for knowing how to adapt so quickly to this new situation. My daughter started her new tele-study routine with great motivation. ”

Sonia Ojeda: “I take this communication channel to send you and the entire team my thanks and appreciation for the effort they are making to maintain the continuity of the school year.

We insist that there are many messages of encouragement and thanks from families in these weeks, although here only a small representation may appear. To all of them, TO ALL THE FAMILIES WHO MAKE US THEIR WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT, THANK YOU !! THANK YOU AND A STRONG APPLAUSE ALSO FOR THEM, BY THE TEACHERS 'CLUSTER AND THE LEADERSHIP TEAMS !!