Academic Studies in Bath, UK.

With our “Academic Semester” Star Program in the United Kingdom, students between 12 and 15 years old improve their English in an idyllic, comfortable and welcoming environment such as Sulis Manor, the Residential Center that the Arenas y Arenas Internacional School has in Bath, England

19 Nov 2019

The group that is currently in our residential center "Sulis Manor", is enjoying unforgettable experiences, improving the language while strengthening autonomy and maturity through direct contact with another culture in both the daily classes taught in recognized British schools as in the various and varied activities carried out inside and outside the Residential Center.

An educational experience offered by the Arenas Internacional school to any student in Spain. 

Surely, students who participate in this program when they return home will see how their level of English has grown exponentially and verify how they have acquired the confidence necessary to plan larger challenges.

Arenas Internacional school ensures that students attend select British schools in the area