A walk through Culture, Science and Letters

The Arenas School celebrated, the 20 (Infant and 1st and 2nd Primary) and March 21 (Infant 1 and 2 years and Primary from 3 to 5), their particular tribute to Culture, Languages ​​and Science, sharing with parents and family a few days of open doors in which the large audience could interact enthusiastically with students, from Infant to 5th grade, in the various activities scheduled for this day in Spanish, English, French and German under the various transdisciplinary themes worked inside and outside the classroom during the term.

29 Mar 2019

Families, teachers and managers toured the different spaces converted into technological, humanistic and scientific fields, where the students once again demonstrated their ingenuity and enthusiasm in this annual event with interactive games, exhibitions, creative and technological workshops, experiments ..., activities that trapped the attention of the visitors and they returned to cause surprise at the fantastic work done and the magnificent results obtained, expressing their satisfaction with the way of learning offered by the IB Middle Years Program, implanted in the School, the only one of the Island with authorization to impart it.

Plays, songs, storytelling, small experiments or interactive games were some of the activities shared by the families of Children. In Primary, both the projects and activities reached greater complexity both in the exhibition of the work carried out and in the games and activities planned for the visitors. Complexity that made adults more than once have to be rescued and guided by the students to complete the proposed challenges.

As a novelty in this edition, we could enjoy a corner of geometry where you could see pyramidal structures, models and activities of Technical Drawing, a subject that is taught in the Arenas School to Primary students, being the only College on the Island that make.