XXXVII Olympiad of the Arenas-Arenas Atlántico School

On Saturday, March 21, we will celebrate the Inaugural Act of the XXXVII Olympiad of the Arenas-Arenas Atlántico School, for which we have, as every year, its enthusiastic presence.

The Arenas School Olympiad is an indissoluble part of our history; it is a compendium of gymnastics, dance, dramatization, psychomotor skills; it is the brilliance of the inaugural Act and the very well kept secret of its guiding thread; It is the thrill of carrying the torch and lighting the pebetero.

Our Olympiad makes sports, cultural, relationships with our neighbors and the environment compatible: conferences, intracentre and intercenter tournaments, exhibitions, coexistence, workshops ..., with a preparation that requires a joint work, in which the Management; students of all ages; teachers from all departments; Human Resources, administration, maintenance, kitchen and cleaning staff strive to make each edition unique and different.