80th Anniversary of the Arenas Institution.

👉On Monday, December 21, taking advantage of these important dates, a small present was given to the students of the Arenas International Schools.


It is the bottle of tritan that was made to commemorate this 80th Anniversary of the Arenas Institution.

 The arrival of COVID-19 😷has meant that some of the activities planned in 2020 as a tribute to our institution have been postponed.
📺 Along with this present, Alberto Rodríguez, sent a message to the students through an audiovisual.

👉In him he encouraged them, while thanking them for the nice behavior they are having in these atypical and complicated moments for everyone, and he congratulated them for it, wishing them happy holidays and a 2021 full of light and hope.

Like 🌱EcoSchools, which we educate on caring for the Environment, tritan has been chosen for the 👉bottles, a sustainable and reusable material, of great purity, resistance and lightness, and very safe for people.

The students received the gift 🎁 in a very enthusiastic and appreciative way.