Sport, a way of life

At our school we believe all sport and physical activity to be a healthy addition to intellectual development. For this reason, we encourage our students enjoy sport and to acquire the discipline and values it offers.

Preschool students receive a daily session of psychomotor education and all year groups throughout the school receive an extra sports module, aside from their Physical education lessons, in order to encourage students’ interest in sport and allow them to try out new disciplines.

We offer a wide and varied range of sporting activities both as part of the school curriculum and as after-school activities. We have federated teams within the Arenas Sports Association for five-aside football, basketball, volleyball, judo, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, contemporary dance, etc.


We offer a wide and wide range of sports activities both inside and outside school hours and we have federated teams of indoor football, basketball, volleyball, judo, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, contemporary dance, etc. framed in the C.D. Sand

In order to achieve this, we rely on a dedicated team of teachers, instructors and specialists, and on a varied programme of activities and sports that have been tailored to the ages and physical conditions of students and in which they are welcome to participate either for fun or competitively.

The development of sporting activities at Colegio Arenas, Arenas Atlántico and Arenas Internacional is strengthened through partnerships and agreements made with other sports clubs and schools.


The school Olympics is perhaps our greatest exponent of our dedication and belief in the importance of sport and the multitude of benefits it provides our students. It is an interdisciplinary project that has been carried out annually for over 35 years and in which the entire school community is involved.

It is an example of our dedication to sport, creativity, teamwork, autonomy and personal growth, cooperation, generosity, friendship, etc., and forms part of the high-quality, holistic education that the International School offers its students.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics gives way to a week of cultural and sporting activities and games aimed at students, teachers and families. The ceremony is an event in which all students, from Nursery to Baccalaureate, participate to delight their audience with gymnastics and dance routines that centre around a story and culminate in the lighting of the olympic flame by the student in the 2nd year of CSE who has achieved the highest academic and personal success.


Ofrecemos una variada y amplia oferta de actividades deportivas tanto dentro como fuera del horario escolar y contamos con equipos federados de fútbol sala, baloncesto, voley, Judo, gimnasia artística y rítmica, danza contemporánea, etc. encuadrados en el C.D. Arenas.


Under the title "New technologies for a better life?", On Saturday, April 14, 2018, the inauguration of the Colegio Arenas and the Colegio Arenas Atlántico Olympics took place, an annual event in which it has been celebrated for 35 years. uninterrupted with different leisure and sports activities for students, teachers and families.