Mission, Vision, Values

The motto of the Educational Institution AIS GROUP is: 
Learning, enjoying, and growing up together


The mission of the AIS Group is the following:

To educate young people to help to improve and contribute to a more sustainable  world, through a high quality, innovative and international education and the constant support and commitment from all members of the school community.

The vision of the educational institution Arenas International Schools:

To be leaders in education in the Canary Islands and a benchmark institution in Spain for our internationality, creativity and innovation, and for producing citizens that strive to create a better, more just society.

The only schools in the Canary Islands with a Certified Environmental Management System

The Colegio Arenas has done it again. We are the only schools in the Canary Islands to obtain the certification in Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015. This is an external certification granted in recognition of the effectiveness of the environmental management system implemented in our schools and which was awarded by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification) as a result of rigorous audits carried out in October 2017 and February 2018.

The core values of the Arenas International Schools are as follows:

PROFESSIONALISM AND DEDICATION: Committed and professional staff who believe in a job well done and the mission and vision of the school.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We are committed to innovation and creativity in pursuit of excellence.

TEAMWORK: We work together as a team towards common goals with a dynamic and open mind, in line with the mission and vision of our Organisation.

EXEMPLARY AND AND RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP: The leaders of this organisation are an example for its members, and help to transmit the principles of the school to its students.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Commitment to society as a whole.


First and only IB Schools in the Canary Island


The Arenas School in Gran Canaria and the Arenas International School in Lanzarote have become, after authorization by the world organization of International Baccalaureate to teach the Primary School Program (PEP) in Early Childhood and Primary Education, in the first and The only international educational centers in the Canary Islands that teach the three IB programs (International Baccalaureate) in the Canary Islands  in all their educational stages, from Infant to Baccalaureate.

Community Solidarity | Food is a Right

Tthanks to the generosity of our school community, we donated a total f 1038kg of food products and 305 toys to the Hospitaller Order of Saint John´s.