Letter from the Head Teachers

Dear families:

Working at Colegio Arenas Internacional for the last three decades has been a highly satisfying experience for me, both personally and professionally.

From our position at the forefront of education in the Canary Islands, Colegio Arenas Internacional has been committed to providing education of the highest quality; focusing not only on students reaching a high academic standard, but also on the acquisition and development of important life skills and abilities.

We work hard and with enthusiasm to be able to provide our students with an education appropriate for the times in which we live, through the implementation of an inclusive methodology, which aims to foster respect and intercultural awareness.

We are proud of the commitment and trust that you have afforded us through your support for our projects. Our hope is that, like ourselves, you are enthusiastic about our school and consider it vital that we enhance our strengths which set us apart from the rest; such as modern language studies, international studies (we are the only school in the Canary Islands to offer all three of the International Baccalaureate Programmes), commitment to our community and the dedication and professionalism of our staff.

At Colegio Arenas Internacional we are an open, creative and dynamic educational community. Our students develop a sense of perseverance in the pursuit of their dreams and goals. They develop creative and teamwork skills, understand the importance of commitment, leading with integrity and setting an example – all in line with the AISGROUP motto: “Learning, enjoying and growing up together”.

Having maintained this ideal for more than seventy-five years, it is only natural that we feel proud to belong to this educational institution.

For this reason, and despite the fact that you can read all about our educational programme and who we are on this website, we invite you to visit us so you may see for yourselves that at Colegio Arenas Internacional we offer the highest quality education in Lanzarote for your children.

Kind regards.


Director General Colegios Arenas
Directora Infantil Colegio Arenas
Directora Primaria Colegio Arenas
Directora Colegio Arenas Atlántico