Educational Model

The character or personality of an educational institution is largely defined by is programme of educational and vocational guidance.

Our Educational Programme

At Arenas International School we offer a wide range of academic studies and activities which focus on academic excellence, a well-developed and rich approach to foreign language studies and an ambitious programme of sporting and artistic activities. In addition, we must also mention the dynamic and stimulating cultural activities, including functions and ceremonies and after-school events.

An international, bilingual, open and modern programme of education

We believe that is essential that we provide our students with a comprehensive view of the world around them in order to help them to achieve both academic and personal success.

Our identity can be defined by our open, modern, multilingual and international education; a varied curriculum (based on learning skills and not only facts); foreign language proficiency; the education of respectful and confident citizens; a wide range of extracurricular activities and sports; together with with personalised support for both students and parents.

Education that promotes values

People need ethical and moral values. Now more than ever we are encouraged to develop and maintain certain values such as effort, integrity, respect, cooperation and solidarity, among others.

The Educational Programme at Arenas Internacional School advocates for an education that “makes an impact” and which guides our students to “learn” and “do” in order to create a more just and caring society for the future.